Question to the expert: “I’m scared to go on stage”

Before the public performance, two people are fighting inside us. One breaks on stage, the other does not let. How to make it to win the one who calls to speak?

“I’m scared to go on stage. I am shy and I get ashamed of all people. “

Anna Skavitina, Children’s Analyst:

“Artem, believe me, you are not alone – many people are afraid to go on stage. Even adults. To perform in front of the hall is a difficult task! I want to be approved, and at the same time very scary. As if two different people fight inside. One breaks on stage, the other does not let. How to make it to win the one who calls you on stage? Let’s think about why go out there at all. Those who risk going on stage primarily do it for themselves. After all, they show what they learned. They have a reason for pride: “I can do it!”But they do this for the audience. It is not so important whether the audience liked what you did;The main thing is that you have aroused their experiences with your performance: joy, sadness, admiration, discontent. After all, for the sake of these emotions,

we generally come to theaters and concerts, we look at the stage.

The emotions of the hall are transmitted to the artist. There is a desire to speak and speak to extend pleasure. And these feelings are so bright that they overpower the fear that was at the very beginning. It looks like an American slide. At first it’s scary to even look at how others famously stretch up and down, but if you take a chance and ride in small slides, then it can be so captured that you want to ride large again and again. It is especially difficult for those who are very serious about the performance. Maybe this also applies to you? You think that if you make a mistake on the stage, everyone will see how “wrong” you are? You see, the audience is not evaluating you, they evaluate what you show. You will not get worse, even if you make a mistake. Когда выступающий не боится показаться смешным и с юмором относится к себе, то его чувство неловкости со временем перерастет во что-то радостное.

Another little secret that helps on stage. Try to watch on top of the audience in your first performances, not see anyone. As if you are at home or at rehearsal. Sometimes you can look at mom if she is in the hall, or imagine her eyes and face in front of her – she always likes what you do. That’s why she and mom. I believe you will succeed!”


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